Metaphysical Guidance Provides Much Needed Psychic Advice

Real PsychicI was searching for an online love psychics when I came across Kasamba psychic network. I needed guidance on my love life which was in a mess. I was sure a psychic reading would enable me make an informed decision. It was with great lucky that I got love psychic Metaphysical Guidance who offers the first few minutes free as she finds a connection.

I had met a guy a year back and I loved him. Unfortunately three months later, I found out he was married. As much as I knew this was wrong I didn’t leave him because he was wonderful. He promised to divorce his wife so we could be together. The psychic was able to connect with me and gave me honest answers. She could feel that the man was just using me for his selfish gains and that I should realize I was not the only person he was seeing. She said the relationship would end soon. She sensed that I would go through a very painful period. Her reading showed that I would be a single mum.

Metaphysical Guidance readings left me troubled but she advised me to be strong enough to face what lay ahead of me. True to her words, the man one day told me it was over as he loved his wife. Though I expected it from the readings, I was so devastated and cried for month. Her single mum reading was true as two months later I found out I was pregnant.

Julia, New York (NY)

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